YSAFE at the IPPF EN Advocacy Workshop in Brussels

by Simon Herteleer on  27th September 2016 |

Anja (YSAFE Coordinator) and Simon (Steering Committee member) attended a three day advocacy workshop organized by the IPPF EN office. During the workshop they presented the work and structure of the YSAFE network as well as participating in the round tables aimed at exchanging best practices on Youth advocacy and the framing of the SRHR within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We had the opportunity of having discussions with participants from different backgrounds and with professionals from various backgrounds. Among the topics discussed where the regional challenges and opportunities the implementation of SDGs pose, the meaningful participation of youth and the framing of SRHR issues both at regional as global level. All in all the advocacy workshop enabled us to get a better understanding of the road ahead, combining the international agenda (the SDGs) with IPPF’s new strategic Framework and how to implement both of these. Among the challenges identified were the framing, meaningful participation, opposition and the national contexts. Despite these challenges participants remained committed to pushing forward the SRHR agenda and willing to use the legal frameworks to push for a region that fully accepts and implements sexual and reproductive health rights.


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