Introducing Sexuality Education in Swedish Language Classes

by Louise on  15th June 2017 |

My Member Association, RFSU Göteborg in Gothenburg, Sweden has started a pilot initiative where we go to Swedish language introduction classes for teenagers, as well as to houses for asylum seekers. Nowadays; a lot of these teenagers are refugees. Sexuality is something that will affect almost everyone sometime during their lifetime, in different ways and to different extents. But to be able to make informed decisions, everyone needs knowledge about bodily functions, identity and sexuality, as well as a safe space to talk about and discuss these subjects. Additionally, if you’re new to a country and learning a new language, it is also important to have a knowledge of the words to use in these types of discussions and conversations, as well as when to use certain words and when not to use certain words. Therefore, we want to be able to provide language skills when it comes to sexuality as well as actual skills about sexuality.


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