Internship at the IPPF European Network Regional Office

Anja Pedersen

YSAFE Coordinator

I’m very excited about being the YSAFE Coordinator and I’m looking forward to learning even more about SRHR while contributing to the development of the YSAFE network. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. When studying Political Science I quickly found that I was mainly interested in foreign and development issues, especially in rights and culture differences. During my studies I became increasingly interested in gender rights and sexual rights, which lead me to become a volunteer in the Danish Family Planning Association. During my time with DFPA I was active in the debate-group planning events about LGBT-rights in Africa and transgendered rights in Denmark. For the last three years I have also been involved with DFPA’s participation in Copenhagen Pride.

YSAFE Full Time!

Kuba, Maga, Cecilie

In order to ensure the effective functioning of the YSAFE network, IPPF European Network Regional Office created and has supported the post of YSAFE Coordinator in the Regional Office in Brussels, Belgium.

The position is open to YSAFE members and is on an internship basis for six months, with possible extension for a further six months. The Coordinator’s job is to ensure the effective functioning and strengthening of YSAFE and to provide support in the implementation of IPPF European Network youth related regional initiatives.

photo of inter in the office's balcony

The Coordinator is a young person (under the age of 25) from an EU Member State with some experience in the field of SRHR and/or coordination. The Coordinator works in the Regional Office as a member of the Programme team, in close collaboration with the Regional Youth Focal Point, and under the supervision of the Director Programme.

photo of intern in the office

IPPF EN provides the intern with accommodation, a stipend to cover food and other expenses, and covers the cost of travel to and from Brussels.

IPPF EN offers an exciting, challenging, multi-cultural working environment with opportunities to upgrade knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.

Are you interested to work as YSAFE coordinator at the IPPF European Network Regional Office?

Send an e-mail to YSAFE ysafe [at] ippfen [dot] org

Previous YSAFE coordinators

Name Year Member Association
Irmtraud Watzinger 2008 Austrian MA
Luize Ratniece 2008 Latvian MA
Ilona Uleviciute 2009 Lithuaninan MA
Marius Bugeac 2010  Romanian MA
Katarina Glosova 2010  Slovak MA
Smaranda Constantinescu 2011  Romanian MA
Jakub Skrzypczyk 2012 Polish MA 
Magnhild Bogseth 2012 Norwegian MA
Dimitrios Parperis 2013 Cyprus MA
Cecilie Morville 2013 Danish MA
Ivy Miltiadou 2014 Cyprus MA
Ivy Miltiadou 2015 Cyprus MA

‘If I had to choose the most important opportunity I got as a YSAFE Coordinator, I think I’d say it’s getting perspective. I was able to see how the work I was doing locally as a young volunteer had an impact to the bigger picture of the European and Central Asian Region.’

– Dimitrios Parperis