Youth Representatives

Alice Ackermann

Youth Representative
Alice Ackermann, 18 years old

Alice just finished high school and she will now start studying history in her hometown of  Strasbourg. Alice has been a volunteer since 2015 at Le Planing Familial in France. She has been involved in sexuality education by providing oral presentations and participating in discussions with her fellow students.  Alice is committed to the fight for SRHR and has participated in demonstrations and events in her city. She created a feminist club in her high school to discuss women’s rights with her fellow students. One of her priorities is to ensure that young people are involved with work on family planning.

Maria Jakobsen

Youth Representative
 Maria Jakobsen, 24 years old

Since 2015 Maria has been actively involved in the field of SRHR. First, in The Danish Family Planning Association as a volunteer and as an activist. Later on, as a volunteer project lead on several campaigns. In 2017 Maria joined the YSAFE network.

Maria was a campaign lead on a in 2017 event in  DFPA: Let’s Talk About Sex, watching the film Venus about female sexuality and discussing the subject afterwards. Furthermore, she has led the Week Sex, focusing on CSE and consent when sharing pictures on SoMe. In 2016 Maria participated in: #orangetheworld and #oneoutofthree supporting UN’s international day of elimination of violence against women. In 2015 Maria participated in bringing the Polish campaign #reclaimchoice to Denmark, demonstrating for Polish women’s rights to abortion.

Her hopes for the future regarding SRHR is to fight stigmas regarding sexuality, legalize abortion and reduce the amount of victims of sexual violence. She hopes to bring a youth perspective and to keep youth to the agenda of the work within IPPF. This in a close collaboration with the steering committee of YSAFE.

When not working with SRHR, Maria is doing a Master’s Degree in political science at the University of Copenhagen. Her main focus in academia is sex work, gender equality and migration.