August, 2016

  •  by Nejra Gadzo, YSAFE Steering Committee Member on  19th August 2016 |
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    Being young in times when everything else is more interesting than helping others can sometimes be boring to those who feel like they can do more. Sometimes those young people remain idle without any knowledge on how to contribute or where to start. If you are the person who is willing to do more for humanity and who is ready to make some […]

  •  by Tereza Sadkov√°, Czech MA on  16th August 2016 |
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    My very first experience with IPPF: many years ago (well, I guess about 5), my MA asked me to accompany IPPF EN accreditation team when visiting our MA. At that time, I was volunteering for my MA for 2 years already but I was very new to YSAFE and IPPF. My responsibility was to bring the accreditation team members from one Moravian city t […]