“Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Developing Countries,” 3 May 2018, Oslo

by YSAFE Coordinator on  11th June 2018 |

YSAFE member Kristijan Angeleski presented at this conference, convened by IPPF member Sex og Politikk and Save the Children Norway, exploring “Priority Issues, Evidence-Based Interventions, and Policy” around adolescent SRHR in developing country contexts. He attended in the company of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, other key actors in civil society, and medical researchers. The event focused on early unintended pregnancy, child marriage, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among adolescents as key areas of concern. Kristijan was invited to present as one of four experts showcasing best practice on “interventions that work” to tackle these issues.



Using developments in CSE in Macedonia as a case study, he spoke of successes in advocating for CSE to be included in various public health and education strategies, and expanding peer learning on CSE both in and out of schools. He spoke about political opposition facing the process of implementation of CSE at national level. The participants of the conference had the opportunity to hear more from him about youth involvement and activism connected to CSE, and its impact – proven in 2018 with the start of official dialogue initiated by a state institution and the forming of two working groups dedicated to CSE. From this he expanded into a discussion of how CSE is working in other country contexts in which YSAFE has experience. Finally he introduced the IPPF-BZgA mapping work on the state of sexuality education across Europe and Central Asia, and the evidence that suggests quality comprehensive sexuality education schemes correlate to positive outcomes for adolescent sexual and reproductive health.


We’re delighted that YSAFE has been called upon in this way to present as an expert on CSE on this platform! Kristijan’s presentation created plenty of interest and we’ll be looking at ways to continue collaborating with those organisations whose representatives expressed an interest in YSAFE as a result.


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