22nd International AIDS Conference, Amsterdam, 23 – 27 July 2018

by YSAFE Coordinator on  10th September 2018 |

Marisa Moreira, YSAFE member from Portugal writes: I couldn’t be more happy with my participation in the AIDS Conference, in Amsterdam. I had no idea of the size of this event! It was truly overwhelming. At the two pavilions where the conference took place, so many events were held simultaneously: plenary sessions, conferences, workshops, music shows or small representations, protests from the LGBTI community, interviews with experts from all over the world … It was a week full of learning.

There were 16 000 people in this event!!! I wished often to have the gift of omnipresence, because of the pertinence of the themes discussed at the most formal or informal moments.

Doctors, psychologists, sociologists, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, law experts, HIV researchers… all attended this conferrence. All together with common goals – to eradicate HIV and HIV stigma – through discussion, sharing of the latest scientific innovations in the area of HIV, community intervention strategies, testimonies of those living with HIV, and building partnerships.
My participation in this conference consisted in the presentation of a game prepared by ysafe called Sexuality Jeopardy Game. This task was carried out together with Lina Danevska, from Macedonia. The game had great acceptance, the questions were interesting and fun.

In addition, together with partners from another youth association, Y-PEER, we presented a joint project consisting of a European-wide survey on issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. From this survey came conclusions and recommendations for an intervention strategy with young people.


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