European Week of Action for Girls

by Louise on  7th March 2019 |

In October 2018 I was in Brussels to attend the European Week of Action for Girls circulating the International Day of the Girl. At this week filled with events I got the opportunity to meet with several members of parliament to discuss girls’ rights and especially in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The week started off with a meeting with reps from several different organizations, all working for improved girls’ rights in different arenas and with different methods. It ended up being a very inspirational day where we together as a group rewrote the messaging we had prepared that we we’re going to present to different MEPs. I got to meet the Swedish MEPs Soraya Post, Malin Björk and Linnéa Engstrom and deliver our demand for the improvement of girls’ rights everywhere. I also took part in a small questioning with IPPFEN on twitter about girls’ rights.
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Running up to the EU elections, International Women’s Day tomorrow, and the new presidency of the European commission I also took the opportunity to ask one of the presidency candidates, Ska Keller, a question.

This whole opportunity has been very useful to me, both personally as well as a representant for the youth in the YSAFE network. I have met and interacted with many young women and girls who are fighting for better lives for their peers. This was a truly inspirational experience and I can’t wait to work further for this cause.

All the best,

Louise Withalisson, part of the YSAFE Steering Committee

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