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by YSAFE Coordinator on  18th April 2019 |

Dear YSAFE members,

We are now launching one of YSAFE’s major activities for its members in 2019: an advocacy capacity building project.

This extended project will offer a supportive framework for a core group of young MA volunteers to reach the sustainable level of capacity required to lead their peers in advocacy activities at local and national level. In the first phase, we will bring up to 10 young people to Brussels. They will receive training from the ENRO advocacy unit and other external advocacy experts. They will develop their knowledge on advocacy methodologies and develop an action plan for an advocacy activity they will carry out back at home.

The training is set for 20th – 24th May and we expect the national activities to be completed by the end of 2019. The 10 young participants will be asked to form a small group of young peers to work together. During this phase of implementing their action plans, they will be supported remotely by ENRO staff and by two YSAFE Steering Committee members. We will also ask the MA of each participant to support them. More details are available in the attached Terms of Reference.

Young people interested in participating should fill the form below in and return it by Wednesday 24th April.

The form also asks for the beginnings of ideas of advocacy work that would be useful to undertake in your own countries. Participants will be free to choose themes or actions they should work on and we will help them during the training week to explore their ideas and choose the best one. Nonetheless we suggest that it may be most beneficial to run a project that has synergies with existing advocacy priorities of your MA. For this reason, you will also see on the form that we strongly suggest applicants discuss their application with MA staff, and we ask that you cc in your ED at the time of application.

We are happy to accept multiple applications from each MA. At this time, it is our intention to have not more than one person from each MA selected among the final participants. Criteria are detailed in the attached Terms of Reference.

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The photo is from one of the major YSAFE events of 2018 at the Council of Europe Youth Centre.

YSAFE Advocacy project 2019 

YSAFE Advocacy project 2019 application form


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