Join our network!

YSAFE Annual Meeting - Group Photo

At the moment YSAFE has around 120 members representing 30 Member Associations of the IPPF European Network

Are you under 25 years old and share the goals and values of IPPF?

Are you inspired to join us and share your time, ideas, and experiences with us?





YSAFE is open to all volunteers of the IPPF European Network under the age of 25 irrespective of their sex, marital status, ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or health status.


Become active in your Member Association

That’s where we need you the most and where the power of IPPF comes from! Contact the IPPF Member Association in your country and ask them about the volunteering opportunities they have for young people. You can check the list of Member Associations in the IPPF European Network here.


Become a YSAFE member

To become a YSAFE member you need to submit a membership application and a recommendation letter from your Member Association in which you are confirmed as an active volunteer. The application should be submitted to the YSAFE coordinator who is maintaining the membership database.


Please find and download the YSAFE membership application form here YSAFE Application Form.





Once you become a YSAFE Member, there are many ways you can make your voice heard!


– Advocate for meaningful youth participation in your Member Association

Ensure young people are involved in the decision-making as well as the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects in your Member Association. A strong youth voice at national level will strengthen the work of YSAFE at regional level.


– Build your knowledge and skills in trainings

YSAFE often conducts trainings on different subjects within SRHR, and/or is invited to trainings from other organisations. Opportunities and calls for application are shared via the members Facebook page and e-mail list serve.


– Share your experience

Join our Social Media pages and be active there, write an article for the YSAFE blog or the I ♥ Being a Girl blog and share your thoughts and experiences from the local, national, regional, or international level.


– Spread the word

Speak about YSAFE and YSAFE’s work to your friends and peers, people in your Member Association, other (youth) NGOs that might be interested in our work etc.


 Advocate for youth SRHR at various events, meetings and conferences

There are many opportunities for YSAFE members to represent YSAFE at different events, meetings and conferences and to advocate for SRHR. Opportunities and calls for applications are shared via the members’ Facebook page and e-mail list serve.


– Move the network forward

You have ideas about the future work of YSAFE? Great, let us know about them!


Send articles and ideas to ysafe [at] ippfen [dot] org.