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Maryna Honcharova

Age: 25 ~ Member Association: Woman Health and Family Planning (WHFP), Ukraine 

Maryna joined the WHFP in 2012 while she was studying social work in the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and was mainly involved with peer-education and development of materials for the SRHR website for teens. In 2013 she became a YSAFE member. Maryna attended “A Young Volunteer Can Do Anything” study session and helped to capture personal stories of how the network has created change for its members and communities during the YSAFE review in 2013. After graduation from the university, Maryna went to study international social work and human rights at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She came back to Ukraine in 2016 and resumed volunteering for the WHFP and is currently working part-time in the project administrated by the British Council in Ukraine and part-time as a teaching assistant at the university in Kyiv. Maryna is also interested in social entrepreneurship and a part of the great initiative UrbanSpace500. Maryna thinks she has a good sense of humour that solves all issues, Yet, in case it doesn’t, she also studies gestalt therapy. Her vision for YSAFE is to become a well-known youth network for SRHR full of active and resilient advoates.

Louise Withalisson

Age: 24 ~ Member Association: Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), Sweden

Louise is 24 years old and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a Public Health student and works part time at the Swedish Transport Administration. She has previously studied political science and international relations. Louise became active in RFSU in 2012 and has been a peer educator since 2016, she then became active in YSAFE in 2017. Equal sexuality education for all is very important to Louise and she works with RFSU with migrants and young people. In 2017 and 2018 Louise worked with SRHR and gender equality issues at an indigenous women’s organisation in Bolivia. She hopes to continue working with SRHR both through studies as well as through YSAFE and hopes to see YSAFE become the SRHR youth network in the region. Apart from SRHR Louise is passionated about integration and gender equality.

Viktor Damjanovski

Age: 22 ~ Member Association: Health Education and Research Association (H.E.R.A.), Macedonia

Viktor Damjanovski is a youth activist in the field of SRHR with special interest in Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Viktor is 22 years old and comes from Macedonia. His experience includes training four generations of peer educators for CSE (one of which international), education of over 300 young students, radio host on the talk show Sexy Hood and co-author of the book CSE. In his recent years, Viktor has grown his reach from national to international audiences.

Muna Shukurova

Age: 21~ Member Association: Tajik Family Planning Association, Tajikistan

Muna Shukurova is a 21 year old human rights activist and a student, majoring in World Economy. Based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and is passionate about promoting gender equality in a region of Central Asia. Muna started her activism when she joined the Tajik Family Planning Association at the age of 16 that played a huge role in her activism career giving the push to take it to the regional level. Driven by the idea that girls can study, work, volunteer and yet, enjoy their hobbies, she combined an activist, musician, athlete and a financist in one. She believes that only young people are the ones that know of their rights and needs, and the more they are involved in decision making the better they are served.