Youth Representatives

Alice Ackermann

Youth Representative
Alice Ackermann, 19 years old

Alice is a student in her hometown of Strasbourg. Alice has been a volunteer since 2015 at Le Planing Familial in France. She has been involved in sexuality education by providing oral presentations and participating in discussions with her fellow students.  Alice is committed to the fight for SRHR and has participated in demonstrations and events in her city. She created a feminist club in her high school to discuss women’s rights with her fellow students. One of her priorities is to ensure that young people are involved with work on family planning.

Juela Skarra

Youth Representative
Juela Skarra, 24 years old

Juela is a Public Health graduate and has a master’s in Specialized Social Pedagogy.When she was 15 years old she started to volunteer in different organisations working with disabled kids, orphans, vulnerable populations, marginalized communities, human rights etc. Since 2018 she is an Europeer, representing Erasmus+ projects to youth of Albania. She has been part of different trainings abroad on different topics such as culture, peace building, health, human rights etc. After she came back from her European volunteering service where she worked with disabled children in Poland, she got involved with the Albanian Center for Population and Development organisation. There she worked on sexuality education, as a peer educator. There she got the opportunity to use the theory she studied during her bachelor on Public Health. With the great support of her organisation, Juela is committed to fight for SRHR  and to work on CSE.