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Having our voices heard

One of the main objectives of YSAFE is to have our voice heard on sexual and reproductive health and rights. YSAFE therefore raises awareness of the importance of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among peers and the general public, mostly via social media.





i love being a girl

I ♥ Being a Girl

I being a girl was the first project of YSAFE, funded by the ‘Girls Decide’ initiative of IPPF. The project came to life in May 2010. The aim of the project was to promote a positive approach to the sexuality of young women by collecting testimonies of empowered young women and encouraging a positively-framed dialogue about gender equality, femininity and sexuality.

YSAFE believes that the major power of the project was to invite girls from diverse backgrounds to share their personal experiences and to translate these personal experiences into SRHR advocacy messages. The very slogan ‘I ♥ Being a Girl’ is empowering and explicitly pro-SRHR. It symbolizes living in peace with one’s gender, free of violence and coercion.

Although this way of activism is not “direct” and “touchable”, it gives a new perspective to girls coming from supposedly equal backgrounds. YSAFE learned from the girls in the project, that girls have a right to be who they choose; they have a right to be girls. YSAFE also learned that in some cultures, to be a girl is still considered to be subordinate and of less value. Therefore, YSAFE finds this to be a message of inspiration to work towards equality so that girls can be allowed to enjoy their gender.

The project was not only about the young women in the testimonies. It is the hope that other girls watching the testimonies will be inspired and feel empowered to reflect on their own life, on who they are, the choices they have made, and the fact that they have certain rights as a girl. YSAFE hopes to have encouraged girls all over the world to respond with their own videos and comments.

YSAFE believes that girls who are informed, life-skilled, aware and empowered will live a fulfilling life.

The project has ended but YSAFE will continue with the blog and raising awareness using the I Being a Girl campaign.


The video interviews are posted on and