Exchange of knowledge and best practices

Two heads are better than one


The IPPF European Network has 39 Member Associations. In all of these Member Associations, many great ideas and activities blossom. An important part of the work of YSAFE is to facilitate the exchange of these ideas, experiences and good practices within the network and to share them with the outside world. The 3-monthly YSAFE Newsflash, the ‘Youth in the Spotlight’ blogs and projects like ‘YSAFE connects’ are the main communication channels for this exchange.




YSAFE Connects: See it, like it, share it!

Increasingly, exchange and learning takes place via social media. YSAFE is present on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To benefit from these social media channels, YSAFE started a project in which small grants were awarded to youth volunteers/youth groups in 5 Member Associations of the IPPF European Network to develop and produce short videos on relevant SRHR issues for youth and/or good practices and to disseminate them via social media. Here you can find some of the results: see it, like it, share it!


Do Not Discriminate Love
The video “Do not discriminate love” was produced by youth volunteers of HERA, Health Education and Research Association of the Republic of Macedonia.


Explanation from HERA:
Recently, homophobia in our society is on the rise. Macedonia’s young people are really concerned about this because the whole homophobic atmosphere undermines the exercise of their sexual rights. The video aims to raise awareness of how public speech influences the rise of homophobia and to connect that to the very real cases of violence against the LGBT population. The project is an initiative from the youth group. Based on their experience in working with young people, they decided that the fight against homophobia shall be a focus for future activities.